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This article by Carolyn Rusin has been a real eye opener for me. I used to always think that I would be happy kids grow up, when I get a better job, or when we have more money. 


What this article made me see is that I'm wasting so much of my life "waiting" for things to get better.


But life is short! I need to make changes in my mindset now, so that I can enjoy my life and be happier in the present! 

Amanda Banks

I have learned the hard way how precious and short life can be. I know that we have to treasure every minute, but this report clearly lays out easy steps that we can take to be more happy in our lives.


Not only does she identify areas of your life that can be improved upon, but she also explains the why behind it and specific strategies that you can use.


I love getting free stuff that I can begin to use in my life right away! Thanks Carolyn Rusin!



Julie Fox