Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Are you tired of the same old problems bringing you down all the time? 

  • Clarity

    Often, when we get stuck in a pattern, we can't identify what our roadblocks are. In this session we will begin to discover what is holding you back.

  • Direction

    How do you want your life to change? Many people know what they don't want, but not what they do want. Let's figure out your direction together. 

  • Specific Strategies

    I will make sure that you leave this call with a couple of strategies that you can implement right away!

Make Today The First Day Of New Changes In Your Life!

Find Your Path, Change Your Story!

Carolyn Rusin

Professional Life Coach

Here's What a Few Other People Said, Who Booked a Call.

I have seen therapists/counsellors before, and all it had been was talk therapy, which was a waste, but with Carolyn, it is completely different as she focuses on action moving forward into my future.I have been able to make huge positive changes in my life in a very short time. The adjustment in my mindset has been very powerful. 


Karen Bradshaw

Carolyn is so kind, compassionate and incredibly helpful.  She is very skilled and has really helped me to see deeper into my behaviours, thought patterns, and old ways of thinking. Carolyn is so encouraging and has helped me to really believe that I can take steps in my life to make positive changes for myself.  I am so grateful for her wisdom, expertise, and genuine care. 

Angie Townend

Carolyn just instinctively "gets it". The minute that you meet her you feel safe and, without even being prompted, you start to open. Her presence is calm and warm and along side that is this quiet strength and determination to take all her clients to the places that will bring transformation and true change. She is a natural and truly understands people.

Hannah Rose

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